Friday, January 15, 2010

15 January 2010

New Chapter of 2010.. first post for this great year..
It's a rainy day , sitting @ double 7 with steve waiting till this rain calm down ..

Each day is a second chance to go better ..
relaxing mode on >>>

Chinese New Year 2010 fall at 14 February , Yeapp.... Valentine day also.
It's Sunday.. ^^

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Breakin News Last Night

Last night, there are a crash in C.Asri , which make the car hit side of the road 'n suddenly Jump into big drain.. it's around 22.30 something . i was just reached home after havin our meal at ABC Seafood with some friends..

As the news gone so fast, another friends called us to go to the location's... as we heard , the driver was a kid around 15 years old, n the parents is travelling abroad in that time.. Hopefully, everything was okay. and as we heard, the kid was alright..
Huff.. this also a lesson for who a new drivers/....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009

Nice entry of 2009...

What changin with my life ?? Excellent, Amazing, n fabulous... Well, Thousand thanks to :
1. Sie's Family, Mom Dad & Bro's for ur support in everything , thousand love to me... it's like a amazing spirit . U'r all fabulous
2. My Best friends, colleague , n both of u..
3. will accomplish my Promise to dad to be a business owner soon..hehe.. bless me for it..
4. At last but not least, for everyone out there whose read these post.. hehehe...

Goodluck in anything...
Hev a nice weekendz

Friday, October 31, 2008

Yu Hu..

Woww... 1 US dollar = 12.000 rupiahs recently..

Since everyone is cryin outside , i'm laughin out loud here... Hahaha.. that means "GOLD fall Up & down so fast , any crazy idea comin through my mind to "takin stand by position to Hit some unit to doesn't take long time to makin profit baby ... Follow the general finance theory "High Risk High Gain ( 50 : 50 ) ,,,,

Well , whole world economic not stabil/ oscillate, meanwhile opportunity to makin sum money do appears also in any sector . Emm.. some sector can be hit to makin money in a moment, it depends on the sector part u choose to speculate ur money.,, YAP.., OVERALL our government makin mistake in undertake the policy...Bleq...Bleq.... This is also a BiG CHance if U'r aware of it.

Some do hope everything will stabil soon, others using this opportunity to find good gap to makin profit by these chance ...Both are Interesting right ..!!?? He7x..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Next Item....

I wanna buy IPOD NANO soon...

Prefer the green one... Hehehe...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

27 august 2008

opportunity do appears anywhere..since that you never realise it, it would be useless . ^^

Monday, July 21, 2008

Five Way to Unlock a toxic friend

this is what i grab from "bulettin post of friendster..

Contrary to the myth of best friends forever, many female friendships don't always turn out the way we hoped they would. The friend who is constantly making one-sided demands of you is one disappointing example.
When a close friend is always in need of one thing or another---money, favors, introductions, coddling, praise, or simply more time than you have to give---the relationship begins to grow weary. You feel like you're walking around with an emotional ball and chain around your ankle.
The term toxic friendship refers to a variety of relationships that are consistently negative and draining. The nature of these relationships is defined by patterns, not by one-time or occasional lapses in the reciprocity that is the essence of a healthy friendship.
Why would anyone put up with a friend like that? It, too, can be explained by the concept of reciprocity. Friendships continue when they are mutually satisfying---even if the relationship is toxic. Many women have a hard time extricating themselves from these relationships. These include:
• People who like to feel needed
• People who feel like they aren't worthy of healthier, more balanced relationships
• People who are stuck---either feeling angry or sorry for their needy friend
Get real: If your truly needy friend has been that way for some time, the real possibilities of changing the relationship verge on hopeless. Yet it's hard to find a way out. Here are some ways to unload:
1) Change the nature of your friendship by learning to say "no" and setting boundaries (e.g. "Even though we are both single, I don't want to spend every Friday night together" or "I can't have dinners with you after work because I need to get home to my family."')
2) Tell her that you have to tend to your own needs (or those of anyone else you can think of---your mother, your kid or your cat)
3) Slip away - Spend less time with her and add other less demanding friends to your inventory
4) Take a relationship sabbatical, a well-deserved hiatus from the friendship
5) If you've reached the point where you feel there is nothing really to lose, simply cut loose!
Get rid of the guilt. These are people whose needs can never be satiated. No matter what you give, what you do, how much, or how often, it will never be enough. Since character tends to endure, this person probably treats other people the same way she treats you. It's likely that many of her friends have probably already dropped out of the picture and that's why she is so dependent on you.

So after reading the post, How is it ??